Proposed Castaways Boat Worx Charter
Draft 12-5-2023

1.0 Club Purpose – Our club, Castaways Boat Worx, is dedicated to providing a fun and harmonious atmosphere for like-minded friends to safely operate their Radio Controlled (RC) boats, enjoy each other’s company, and promote the hobby of RC boating.

2.0 Club Structure – Castaways Boat Worx is a single club with three distinct, and largely independent, divisions – Castaways North, Castaways South, and Castaways Racing. Consistent with the overarching club structure and requirements outlined in this charter, each division is free to schedule and execute boating sessions and hold meetings as/if they see fit.

2.1 Castaways North are those activities at Lake Mira Mar, Castaways South are those activities conducted at the Everglades pond, and Castaways Racing is the NAMBA-affiliated racing activities at the Veterans Memorial Park in Fruitland Park, FL.

3.0 Executive Board – The Executive Board consists of an overall Club President, three Vice Presidents (one from each Division), a Secretary, and a Treasurer.  On all matters requiring approval of the Executive Board, 4 votes are needed for passage. 

3.1 The Club President is responsible for interacting with The Villages and other outside agencies on administrative, scheduling, and club promotion issues. The Club President will appoint Directors, such as Racing Director, Social Director, etc., with approval of the Executive Board.

3.2 The Division Vice Presidents lead the boating and social activities at their respective locations.

3.3 The Treasurer will receive all monies due the Club, pay the bills, and disperse all money approved by the Executive Board.

3.3.1 The Treasurer will prepare and present a written or verbal financial report to the Executive Board when requested. Accountings for Racing and General will be kept separate.

3.3.2 The Treasurer will obtain approval of at least two members of the Executive Board for any expenditure of more than $200.

3.4 The Secretary will keep and maintain all minutes of the Club meetings. The Secretary will collect votes, tally the votes, and announce the results.

3.5 Generally, Executive Board members will serve one-year terms running from January 1st through December 31st of each calendar year. There are no term limits. The Executive Board will fill any vacancy of an Executive Board member for the remainder of the year.

3.4 The Executive Board will establish the procedures for electing new Executive Board members. There will be no election run for unopposed positions.

4.0 Membership

4.1 All members must sign a membership application that includes a waiver and agree to abide by the Club charter.

4.2 Members may participate in the activities of any Club Division(s) as long as they abide by the rules/standards (if any) of the Division(s).

4.3 The Club reserves the right to deny membership to any individual who has at any time demonstrated unsafe boating practices or disrespectful behavior, or has been suspended or banned from another boating club for any amount of time or for any reason.

4.4 The Club reserves the right to impose a moratorium on new memberships if the facilities become overcrowded. If this occurs, prospective members may be placed on a waiting list to join the Club.

4.5 Membership dues of $15 cover the period between January 1st and December 31st. Renewals for the following year will begin on November 1st. New members who join the Club late in the year may be allowed to apply their dues to the following year’s membership.

5.0 Member Conduct

5.1 Any member who chooses to conduct themselves in a manner that is considered to be contrary to the best interests of the club and its members may be sanctioned by their fellow club members. Any member proposing the sanction of another should present their grievances to the Club President for processing. Sanctions may be a formal warning, suspension, or removal from the club. The Executive Board will make the decisions on any sanctions deemed necessary.

6.0 Meetings

6.1 The Executive Board will meet as called by the President. Decisions made by the Executive Board must be agreed upon by a majority of the members of the Executive Board. Meetings of the general membership will be called only when there is an issue needing to be voted on or discussed. Club communications will be sent to members through emails.

7.0 Amendments

7.1 Minor amendments to this Club Charter may be made by the Executive Board within the first 6 months after adopting it, if agreed upon by a majority of the members of the Executive Board. Thereafter, amendments will be made by written ballot, email, or show of hands in which two thirds of the voting membership approves the amendment. The Club Secretary will collect the votes and announce the results.

7.2 Amendments, if approved, will be effective the first of the month following the vote.