Pledge of Allegiance:   Completed


Members Present:   27


New Members:      5            Total Membership:    77


Minutes of the March 9th Meeting.   There was a motion to skip the reading of the minutes for the March Meeting:   The motion was seconded.    Motion carried.


Treasurers Report:

A.       General Fund:   $1704.00     Racing Fund:   $613.00     Total:  $2317.00

Race Director:   No Report


Maintenance:  No Report


Old Business:


A.     Permits for Everglades are up September 25th. Renewal will be handled by the President.

B.     There will be no running on Mira Mar June 20th, July 11th, and August 1st, as other events in The Villages have been scheduled  at Mira Mar.

C.     On May 27th there is a NAMBA race in Brandon, Florida

D.     There was an article in the NAMBA International propwash regarding the Castaways Club, and also a nice article about Joe Hathaway being the oldest member of NAMBA.

New Business:

A.     Our Castaways website was hacked.  Thanks to George Meidhof as he was able to restore the website.  Thanks to Lynn Skaves and Rick Smith for bringing all the lost information up to date.

B.     The Club is going to have a Night out in May.   Date TBD

C.     Starting in June, the monthly meeting will alternate between Mira Mar and Everglades.

D.     Need people for launch and rescue at Mira Mar.  If interested contact the President.


There was a motion to adjourn the meeting.   The motion was seconded.   Meeting adjourned at 9:20 a.m.





Pledge of allegiance:   Completed


Members Present:    25


New members 2           Total Members Paid (2023)   71


Minutes of the February 2023 Meeting.   There was a motion to skip the reading of the February Meeting.  The motion was seconded.   Motion carried.


Treasurers Report:


A.     General Fund:   $1697.00                     Racing Fund:     $567.00                   Total:     $2264.00 

Race Director:   No Report


Maintenance:    Looking for another clean-up day at Race Lake     TBD


Old Business:     None 


New Business:


A.     Starting April 4th,  2023   starting time at Mira Mar will revert back to  8:00 AM

B.     President Jack Christine received the permits for Mira Mar    There will be 3 days in the summer that we cannot use Mira Mar because of previously scheduled events.

C.     The expo at Everglades was excellent.   They had a great turnout and a lot of interest in the Castaways Boat Club.

D.    We will be participating in the Fruitland Park youth day in the summer.

E.     Dinner with the wives was a success with 27 people.   Possibility of another dinner in May 2023.

F.     A big thank you to Lynn Skaves for supplying lunch at the expo.

Motion to adjourn the meeting.   The motion was seconded.   Meeting adjourned at 9:22 AM







Pledge of Allegiance:   Completed


Members Present:    24


Total Paid Members for 2023:   64

New Business:

New Members:   Michael Foresblade and wife Jackie


Minutes of the January 2023 Meeting.   Motion to skip the reading of the minutesfor the January 2023 meeting.  Motion was made and seconded.   Motion carried.


Treasurers Report:  


A.     General Fund:  $1677.15          Racing Fund:   $417.35            Total:   $2094.50


Maintenance:  February 16th, 2023 there is a scheduled Race Lake clean-up


 Old Business:   


A.     There was a discussion on Race Day  February 4th  regarding race rules. 

 1.     The discussion included moving the off-shore buoy  closer to the front straightaway so it would be more in line with the start.. There was a motion to accept.  Motion was seconded.  Motion carried.

2.     UL 19 drivers made a motion to not going around the off shore buoy The determination was that the UL 19 drivers do not have to use the off shore buoy  if they choose too

3.     P Limited motor list:    There was a discussion to open up the P Limited motor list that is acceptable by NAMBA, and to remove the club list..  There was a motion regarding a. new list of motors.   Motion failed by a vote of 14 to 5.


New Business:


A.     The Outdoor Expo is being held at the Everglades Recreation Center on February 24th and February 25th.. The pavilion is being shared  with the sailboat club.

B.     The work schedule is as follows:


1.       Friday, February 24th                                                                                                                  

                          Mike Pepe

                          Lynn Skaves

                          Steve Schreiber

                          Jack Christine

                          Bruce Kafer    

2.       Saturday, February 25th

             Robert Bailey

             Lynn Skaves

             Bruce Kafer

             Dan Saunder


There was a motion to adjourn the meeting at 9:25 AM  It was seconded and the meeting was adjourned /






Pledge of Allegiance:     Completed


Members Present:   28        


Total paid members for 2023  51 (so Far)


Minutes of the December 2022 Meeting:  Motion to skip the reading of the minutes for the December 2022  meeting.  Motion was made and seconded.


Treasurers Report:


A.     General Fund:   $1829.00                     Racing Fund:       $317.00              Total:   $2146.00


Race Director:  No Report


Maintenance:  Work Day at the Race Lake:  TBD


 Old Business:  


A.     3rd week of February 2023  is a super boat shoot out at Melbourne , Fl.      There was a motion to make a $125 donation for this event sponsored by NAMBA  Motion was made and seconded.     Dates of the event are February  17, 18, 19,  2023.

B.     Election of 2023 Club officers.


1.      President:   Jack Christine

2.     Vice President: Lynn Skaves

3.     Treasurer:   Jay McCauley

4.     Secretary:  Mike Pepe/Steve Schreiber

New Business:


A.     Presentation of Racing Trophies for the last ½  of 2022.


1.     P Limited Mono:           Robert Bailey

2.     P Limited Cat:                Steve Marquart

3.     Straight P                        Mike Pepe

4.     Q Class:                            Mike Pepe

5.     UL 19  Class                     Steve Marquart

6.     Hydro Class                     Dave Bushman

7.     Impulse Class:                 Dana Skaggs

8.     P Limited outrigger:       Robert Bailey

9.     Open unlimited:             Mike Pepe

10.  Driver of the year:          Mike Pepe



MOTION TO CLOSE MEETING.  There was a motion and it was seconded.   Meeting adjourned at 9:20 AM



Pledge of Allegiance:   Completed

Members Present:   17


New Members:  0           Total Members:  84


Minutes of the November 17th Meeting.   There was a motion to skip the reading of the minutes of the November Meeting.  The motion was seconded.  Motion carried.

Treasurers Report:

  1. General Fund:     $1361.25               Racing Fund:    $465.35                   Total:    $1826.60


Race Director:

  1. Last race of the year is December 17th.



  1. Larry Minton:  Need a clean-up day at the race lake.    TBD


Old Business:

  1. Time to renew your NAMBA membership.  Cards will be checked at January 2023 Race Day
  2. Jeff Morningstar is starting a swap meet.  Any questions call Jeff.  The meet will be held at Mira Mar.


New Business:

  1. Voting on the By-Laws Change.   The vote was 17 No Votes to 13 Yes votes.  The By-Laws will remain the same.


Motion to adjourn the meeting   The motion was seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 9:12 AM



Pledge o Allegiance:   Completed

Members Present:    19

New Members:  2          Total   Members  84

Minutes of the October 16th Meeting:   There was a motion to skip the reading of the minutes for the October Meeting.  The motion was seconded.  Motion carried.

Treasurers Report: 

  1. General Fund:  $1351.25               Racing Fund:   $405.35         Total:  $1756.60

Race Director:  No Report

Maintenance:  Race Lake is requiring some clean-up.  Date to be determined.

Old Business::  

  1. We will have the voting at the December Meeting for the changes submitted by George Meidhoff on the by-laws.
  2. The club dinner was a huge success as 35 people showed up at Glenview Country Club.
  3. New officers are needed to fulfill vacancies for President, Vice President, Treasurer, and Secretary.

New Business:

  1. There was a resident lifestyle meeting that was attended by President Robert Bailey and Vice President Lynn Skaves.
  2. Rescue Boat Safety:  Make sure that life  jackets are in the boat, and 2 people at all times.
  3. There is some talk about a R/C Swap meet that may be held at Mira Mar.  Any questions ask Jeff Moringstar.
  4. Thanksgiving  Day at Mira Mar has been cancelled.
  5. There was a card received by the club from the Fruitland Park Camp held this summer signed by the kids who attended.

There was a motion to adjourn the meeting.   The motion was seconded..  Meeting adjourned at 9:25 AM




Pledge of Allegiance:  Completed

Members Present:  23        ( Visitors  Eric and Kelly Cantos from Namba)

New Members:  2          Total Members 84

Minutes of the September 8thn meeting.   There was a motion to skip the reading of the minutes for the September Meeting.. The motion was seconded .  Motion carried.

Race Director:   Rick Smith is back but he has covid.  He will be back in action after October 19th.

Old Business:

  1. The Melbourne race scheduled for November 12th has been cancelled due to hurricane issues.
  2. This is the 3rd notice for the changes in the charter.  There is one proposal and the vote will be at the December meeting.
  3. This is the 1st notice to change the ending of officers terms from January 31st to the previous December 31st.
  4. Lifestyle information is held  on the second Friday of every month at the Ezell Recreation Center. If you would like to volunteer to help out contact Lynn Skaves.
  5. The Club Dinner is October 24th.  Contact Jack Christine if you are interested.

New Business:

  1. Race at Fruitland Park Saturday October 15th  
  2. New race class for Impulse RC Boats will be tested on race Day
  3. The President and Vice President are retiring at the end of their terms.  Looking for new members to step up and apply.


Castaways Boatworx Meeting Notes
September 8, 2022


Pledge of Allegiance:    Completed

Members Present:    23

Total Members in Club:    85

Minutes of the August 2022 Meeting:   Motion to skip the reading of the Minutes.  Motion was made and seconded .Motion carried

Treasurers Report:

General  Fund:   $1346.25            Racing Fund:     $335.35         Total:    $1681.60

Race Director:  No Report

Maintenance:  No Report

Old Business:

  1. There is a new charter proposal (draft) submitted by George Meidhof on the Castaways website.  Every member should read through this proposal.  There will be a vote at the November Meeting.  You can either vote in person or by proxy.  There has to be a 2/3 majority vote to make the new change.
  2. The President and Vice President are stepping down at the end of their terms.  Need members to step up to fill these positions.
  3. Sign up for racing at Fruitland Park is handled by Mike Pepe.  Anybody interested needs to get the information to Mike by 6:00 pm Thursday prior to racing.
  4. There is a NAMBA race in Melbourne Florida on November 12th.  The race is sponsored by the Waveblaster Club.  It is a 2 ½  hour car ride.  If there is enough interest a bus could be hired.  TBD
  5. Eric Canto and his wife Kelly  are coming to our race on October 1st Eric is our NAMBA District 3 President.  Kelly is the district’s New Member Chairman.


Robert Bailey did a discussion on Lipo Batteries.   It included talks on battery hook-up and maintenance.


Castaways Boatworx Meeting Notes
August 11, 2022

Meeting Called to Order:

At 9:00 A.M. by President Bob Bailey with 30 members present.

Pledge of Allegiance:


Membership:  Ron Farkas – Club total is 80.

Reading of last month’s minutes.  Motion passed not to read.

Treasurer’s Report:  Mike Roemer

            General Fund – $1,326.25

            General Expense – $50

            Race Fund –          $632.35

                        Total –       $1,958.60

Course Maintenance:  Larry – We have enough buoys.  Everything else is okay.



            No report as at this time – we need a new person due to Dave Volmers having moved from The Villages.  We are still looking for someone to take this position.

Safety:  Rick Smith – Vacation – No report.

Training:  Dave Buschman

            A class on general boat maintenance will be held after the meeting.

Web Master – No report.

Old Business:

Summer camp went well.  Photos are out on the website.  I would vote for doing that again next year.  Just be thinking about it.  I’ve heard they’re looking at doing a summer camp during the Christmas holidays.  I didn’t commit to anything.  Be thinking about that.  If we get a request, I’ll bring it to you.  If we can get the help to do it and if there’s interest we will do it.  We’re not signed up for anything just yet.  Thanks to everybody that came out and helped with that.  It meant a lot to them and it meant a lot to me.   A picture that was taken is on our website.

I’ve mentioned this in the last couple meetings.  There’s a race down in Melbourne in November.  If you want to go, let’s get somebody to step up and get a bus or do whatever, but I’ve heard nothing but crickets.  So I’m going to assume that there’s no interest in taking a club trip down to Melbourne and that’s okay.  We won’t write that off just yet however.  It’s a two day event.  Last I heard I think it was like a Friday/Saturday or Saturday/Sunday, I think Friday/Saturday. I’ll get some more specifics.

Tech talks for new guys – we used to give the tech talks at the club meeting and half of us wanted to hear it and half of us didn’t so now we just want to do it with the new guys or anybody that has interest in the subject.  Chris is getting the ideas   together and forwarding them to me and I’ll find somebody to do the talk next month. I hope I can talk Ron into talking on batteries.  Today after the meeting, Dave is going to do a general talk on boat maintenance, what you need to do leaving the lake and before you come to the lake that sort of stuff.    If you have any other ideas, please see Chris.

Club dinner: We had a really good time and I think we will have another one here in a few months.  It was a nice night with our significant others.

Call from the Villages Magazine 20th anniversary edition: She wanted information about the club and we were happy to oblige.  We took a picture there with our racing trophies.    If anybody sees The Villages Magazine 20th anniversary edition, snag it.  We should be in there.

New/Old business

Racing:  We have to make sure that we have enough boats to make a class and enough to put a program together.  There’s a lot of work that goes into getting the lake ready.  Larry gets down there at dawn.  There’s a lot of work that goes into the set up and the tear down and we’re not going to do that for two racers or three racers.  This last time we had three people sign up.  There’s an email Mike P sends out.  Just reply to the email that you get about the races and it’ll reply to him because he sent it and tell him you want to sign up for these classes.  Don’t call Mike, he may be out to dinner with his wife and he’s not going to stop what he’s doing and write down your information because you don’t want to send him an email.

We’re starting a new class for P limited outriggers.  Run whatever you want in Unlimited, but we’re going to do a P limited Outrigger class for 4s batteries and one of the P limited motors off our list . This is brand new so as it progresses we can change the rules if we need to but that’s the rules right now so if anybody’s got any objections let us know.

To race you must be a NAMBA member.  We’ve got about 80 members and by my last count I think we had like 22 racers now.  We have more NAMBA members than racers.

If you have a NAMBA number, make sure you let Bob know so he can make sure it gets on our club roster so we can keep up with that.

Ron and Don are the only ones in our club that I know of who travel to these events and actually participate in those races.  I think our course is a little shorter because we’re old and blind, but we have fast boats.  We tend to tweak the rules to suit our limitations OK so our course is a little shorter – we only run a half a mile race instead of running the big six laps and consequently we are set up different than those long race boats.  It costs $50 a year to join NAMBA but you get $1 million worth of liability insurance when you’re running your boat if you follow NAMBA rules.  We also pay $50 bucks a year on each of our three lakes.  Could be wasting our money on Lake Mira Mar and Everglades.  Bob will call.

Mentoring our new guys is important.  We need to keep doing that.  We do not want anyone to walk away frustrated due to a lack of help with a new hobby.

We talked about writing new draft charters for us to vote on sometime this fall when the whole club gets back.  I’ll start putting those out on the website starting September 1st.  I’ve received one so far and I know of one other one that is in the works.  I was asked the other day “what if we don’t want to change anything?”  That’s an option too, so right now I think we’re going to have at least three options.

This is the first notice that we may be changing our rules.  We’ll send out an email 30 days before we vote.  I’m thinking right now the vote will be first of December if that’s what you guys want to do and then have the new changes go into effect after the first of the year, if we have a new charter.  So you guys can chew on it.  We’ve got plenty of time to talk about this.

Christmas party:  I’d love to do that so if there’s interest in that, somebody’s got to step up and plan it.  Dave used to do them at his house and that simplifies things because we have non-residents in the club and if we reserve a room in one of the rec centers, we will have to pay for it.  I don’t know what the cost is.  If we do it at one of the rich guy’s homes, it won’t cost us anything.  That’s four months down the road but talk to your significant other about the possibility of having it at your home.

I went by the Everglades rec center yesterday and started the paperwork to renew our time slot at Everglades where I met the new manager of the rec center.  Her name is Daria.  She’s very nice young lady and she and I talked about the new race lake that is supposed to go in at Eastport.  Bob will take a drive over and check it out.

The next meeting will be held September 8th, 2022.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:41 A.M.

Submitted, Mike Pepe, August 11, 2022


Castaways Boatworx
Meeting Notes
July 14, 2022

Meeting Called to Order:

At 9:00 A.M. by President Bob Bailey with 23 members present.

Pledge of Allegiance:


Membership:  Ron Farkas (vacation – no report)

Club total is 72.  (Last months info)

Reading of last meeting’s minutes – passed.

Treasurer’s Report:  Mike Roemer

            General Fund – $1,276.25

            General Expense – Unknown at this time.                                                     

            Race Fund –          $622.35

                        Total –       $1,898.60

Course Maintenance:  Larry

            No report.


            No report as at this time – we need a new person due to Dave Volmers having moved from The Villages.  We are still looking for someone to take this position.

Safety:  Rick Smith – Vacation – No report.

Training:  Dave Buschman

            No activity at this time.

Web Master – No report.

Old Business:

            Last month we spoke about a new charter for the club.  I would like members to write up drafts which we could discuss and then finally vote on.  It would be nice to have at least five (5) drafts relating to this.

            I will give club members copies of the rules to be followed when creating a club charter. 

            As for the safety rules we discussed, we will hold off on these until the new charter is in place. 

            The NAMBA races we spoke of last month will be held in Melbourne, FL November 12th and 13th.   Let’s get some interested guys/gals and go see how they operate.  Somebody should step up and initiate a carpool or a bus or whatever. 

            Regarding the Fruitland Park summer camp – A group of seven or eight members and eight youngsters enjoyed running the club boats.  We have two more sessions with them.  The first is next Thursday, July 21st, and the last session is August 3rd.  Bring any club boats with problems to Captain Jack to repair.  I need volunteers for these two days; please let me know. 

            Regarding rescue boats or lack thereof at Lake Mira Mar – We need volunteers (able bodied) who can act as rescue personnel for the other members who cannot, due to health reasons, put their boats in and out of the water.  The same few people should not have to do this month after month. 

New Business:

            A fellow by the name of Jim Daunis and his wife, Diane, from the southern area, have joined the club.   Jim has RC experience with aircraft.  What they need is a mentor for boating knowledge.  Mitch Courte has volunteered to be their mentor. 

            We would like to start shifting communications away from Mail Chimp to the club website.  This will take some time.  I will put up a bulletin board on the website which you should get in the habit of checking at least once a week. 

            Chris Seiders has approached me in relation to doing a tech talk for new members.  We have had some excellent programs in the past.  However, this would be aimed primarily at new members and probably be repetitive information for 80% of our members.  However, if any member desires to have a tech talk on any subject, see Chris.  Chris will let me know and we will find someone to give the class.

            August 8th, the club couples’ dinner will be at Evans Prairie Country Club.  Signups must be accomplished no later than August 4th.  See Captain Jack who is organizing this.  Fourteen people have already signed up. 

Racing Awards for the first six months period of 2022:

            The certificates you may keep and as you all know the trophies must be returned before the end of the six months period to be dusted off and handed out again.  The winners for this period follow:

            P Limited Cat – Dave Buschman;
            P Limited Mono – Mike Pepe;
            P – Mike Pepe;
            Q  – Mike Pepe;
            UL-19 – John Bullis;
            Hydroplane Spec – Dave Buschman;
            Unlimited Class – Larry Minton;
            Club Hero Award – Jack Christine  – an award which is given to the person who is an active member and assists the club on a regular basis.

            Club photos of award recipients were taken by VP Lynn Skaves as well as an overall group photo which may be appearing in a forthcoming Villages magazine.

The next meeting will be held August 11th, 2022.

A motion was made and seconded to adjourn.  The meeting was adjourned at 9:25A.M. 

Respectfully Submitted, Mike Pepe, July 14th, 2022


Castaways Boatworx Meeting Notes
June 9, 2022

Meeting Called to Order:

At 9:00 A.M. by President Bob Bailey.

Pledge of Allegiance:


Members:  Ron Farkas

Club total is 72.  Three (3) new member were added since last meeting.

Treasurer’s Report:  Mike Roemer

            General Fund – $1,246.25, Income $20

            General expense: $119.00

            Race Fund –  $587.35, race fund income:  $95

            Expense: $40

                            Total –  $1,877.60

Course Maintenance:  Larry

            No report.


            No report as at this time – we need a new person due to Dave Volmers having moved from The Villages.

Safety:  Rick Smith

            No problems to report at this time.

Training:  Dave Buschman

No activity at this time.

Web Master

            No report.

Old Business:

            Camp   Villages   –   Motion   was   made   and   accepted   that   our participation in Camp Villages be cancelled due to a lack of interest on the   part   of   the   Villages.  The   Club   was   not   listed   in   the   event newspaper.  We were told we could be penciled in at a later date if we desired.  The vote to cancel our participation was unanimous.

            Fruitland   Park   –   We   are   committed   to   Michelle   to   put   on   a program for the summer camp at Fountain Lake.  Up to this point we do not have a date or a head count.  This will be firmed up when we receive this information.

            Just a warning and a reminder – do not harass the alligators on any of our lakes.  It is against the law.

New Business:

           As mentioned at last month’s meeting, there is interest in forming a 4S outrigger class for racing.  Anyone interested please stay after the meeting and this item will be discussed.   Remember, you will have to join NAMBA in order to race.  NAMBA is an annual membership of $50.

          We took a vote on whether or not to approve the Amended Constitution and By-Laws that have been on the website and have been discussed at the two prior months’ meetings.  President Bailey continued on to explain the reasoning behind these amendments.  There were misspelled words, different colors, and sections had been cut and pasted. The feeling was that they were difficult to read and did not reflect well on the club.

          There are three (3) items that are changed under the new Amendments.

          #1  – Is the removal of the scale boater members. They were given the option of staying in the club.   There was no interest shown.  The club is now showing only two (2) divisions which are:  fast electric and racing.

          #2 – The old document stated that we were a NAMBA sanctioned club.  Since we do not require everyone to join  NAMBA,  we   are changing that to a NAMBA affiliated club. 

          #3 – Regarding the Board of Directors – The third change adds the position of the “Race Coordinator” to the Board of Directors.

          Other than these three (3) changes, all of the wording is the same as before other than being in a more readable, neater version.  

          President Bailey stated that you can vote “no” on these changes or “yes” to pass the aforementioned changes. The floor was opened for   discussion with multiple members having their say.  Two members spoke against and the great majority seemed to be in favor.

          The vote was taken with a total of 36 in favor of the changes with this being the total of members present and proxy votes received in the affirmative. The total “no” votes was 2 with no proxy votes.  The changes will go into effect as previously stated.

          All members present agreed with the President’s suggestion that another look would be taken at the Constitution and By-Laws when all of our absent members return in the fall.

          President Bailey indicated that at the next meeting we would review the new safety document.  He recommended that members go on the website and review it themselves so that it could be discussed.

         The next meeting will be held July 14, 2022.

          A motion was made and seconded to adjourn.   The meeting was adjourned at 9:40 A.M.

Respectfully Submitted, Mike Pepe, June 9, 2022


Minutes of the April 2022 Meeting


Pledge of Allegiance:  Completed

Members Present:  26           Total members in club:  69

Treasurers Report:

    General Fund:   $1275.25            Racing Fund:   $506.35       Total:   $1781.60

Maintenance:  Thanks to all that helped out at the race lake.   Work was performed on the rescue boat and weeds around the dock.

Old Business:

New members  to run boats by  themselves  at Mira Mar or Everglades. Once they feel confident they can match up with similar boats in the water.

New Business: 

President Bailey is on the phone every other week to coordinate our rules and NAMBA rules.

Lynn Skaves (Vice President) doing a great job on the website.

The club is looking for someone to do the classified section of the website.

At Everglades, only members of Castaways are allowed on the dock. Guests will have to remain on the walkway to the dock.

The club is in the process of seeing about creating race events for the Sonic Wake boats and Impulse boats.

The Charlie Mack launch sled has been completed by Bob Parenteau.  He will transport the boat to test and tune days.

The club is looking for a Publicity Director.


The Executive Board voted to add a Race Coordinator to the Board of Directors (subject to club approval of the amended Constitution and By-Laws).

Add a paragraph to the SOPs about dock safety at Everglades.

Change any wording in the Constitution and By-Laws about the club being “sanctioned by NAMBA” to us being “affiliated with” NAMBA (subject to club approval).



 Minutes of the March 2022 Meeting




Pledge of Allegiance:      Completed


Members Present:23


New Members:  12 for February and March


Minutes of the February 2022 Meeting:  Motion to skip the reading of the Minutes for the February 2022 meeting. Motion was made and seconded.  Motion carried.


Treasurers Report:


A.    General Fund:   $1282.75          Racing Fund:   $373.35         Total:     $1655.60


Maintenance:   Work Day is scheduled at the race lake for March 24th at 9:00 AM


Old  Business:


A.     The Expo at Everglades was a big hit.   Thanks to all that showed up to help.  

B.     The club now has 3 boats owned by the club.  They are used for demo purposes and will be maintained by the club.  Prospective new members will be allowed to run these boats under supervision.


New Business:


A.     Everglades is now checking IDs on an occasional basis.  

B.     No member should ever swim out on any of the lakes we use to retrieve a boat.   Also on the race lake, anybody in the rescue boat should be wearing a life jacket while retrieving a race boat.

C.     Racing Rules will be determined by Castaways NAMBA RACING MEMBERS

D.     There will be a NAMBA race in Dover, Florida on March 27th.  This is a NAMBA open event.

E.     March 19th and 20th there will be a boat regatta in Tavares, Fl.  Anybody can attend.

F.     Large retrieval sled to be repaired by Bob Parenteau.

G.    Jack Christine is trying to set up a club dinner.  Date to be determined.

H.     Larry Minton did a great job on the repair of the electric trolling motor.





 Minutes of the February 2022 Meeting

Meeting called to order by President Robert Bailey at 10:00 am

Pledge of Allegiance: Completed

Members Present 27

New Members 2

Minute of the January 2022 meeting. Motion to skip the reading of the minutes. Motion carried.

Treasurers Report:
General Fund: $1187.00. Racing Fund: $313.00. Total: $1500.00

Maintenance: Larry Minton reported that the price of buoys has doubled to approximately $10:00.

Old Business:

A). New website is now Castawaysboatworx.org
B). Thanks to George Meidhof for reclaiming our website
C) February 25th and 26th is the expo at Everglades Recreation Center. Need volunteers for scheduled times for those 2 days.

New Business:

A)We are a duck friendly club. Pleas be very careful at Mira Mar as we are being watched. Mira Mar is owned by Lady Lake not the Villages.
B) Net race is February 19th. We have to be out of Veterans Park by noon.
C) Scuba Club rescue of sunken rc boats. A $25 fee. Is charged to the owner of the boat. NOT THE CLUB.
D) President Bob Bailey is in the process of cleaning up the club rules and by-laws
E) New members are coming into the club from the Everglades area. Everglades is a great place to run as it is similar to the race lake.
F) Camp Villages runs from April thru August every year.The club will have 2 sessions during that time frame. Times and dates TBD.
G)There is a new recreation center south of Everglades called Ezell. There is a lifestyle expo on the 2nd Friday of the month for new owners. Our Vice President Lynn Skaves is in charge of the Expo for our club.
H) Jerry Hone will be leaving the club and moving to Knoxville, Tennessee within the next 2-3 months

Motion to adjourn the meeting at 10:35. Motion carried

Castaways Boatworx Meeting Notes

January 13, 2022

Meeting to Order: At 10:30 A.M. by President Jack Christine.

New Members:

         None.  Club total 40.

Pledge of Allegiance:


Treasurer’s Report:  Mike Roemer

         General Fund – $1,325.25

         Race Fund – $343.35

                  Total – $1,668.60

Course Maintenance:  Larry

         Some work has been done at the launch area but the lily pads all along the inside edge need work.  Another work party should be scheduled. 

Old Business:

         Our old website is down.  Our new website is www.castaways.org.  George has done a good job in putting that back together for us. 

         We need volunteers for February rescue duty at Lake Mira Mar.  We have one volunteer so far, Dave Buschman. 

New Business:

         Outdoor Expo will be at Everglades Rec Center February 25th – 26th 10 A.M. – 3 P.M. each day.  We are to be in place by 9 A.M.  Our cars are to be out of the lot that we normally use.  There will be several boats to be run by spectators.  More info to follow next month. 

         Nadia Whittaker – lifestyle – Every month at the Ezell Rec Center second Friday of each month 9-3 P.M. 

Election of Officers:

         President – Bob Bailey; Vice-President – Lynn Skaves; Treasurer – Mike Roemer; Secretary – Steve Schreiber; Fill-in Secretary – Mike Pepe.

Trophies Awarded for the July-December, 2021 period:

         P limited mono – Ron Farkas;

         P limited cat – Dave Buschman;

         P – Mike Pepe;

         Q – Ron Farkas;

         UL – 19 – Dave Buschman;

         Hydro – Dave Buschman;

         Outrigger – Mike Pepe;

         Mr. Excitement – Keith Campana;

         Castaways Hero – Lynn Skaves.

Outgoing President Award: Jack Christine was awarded a fuzzy hat.   Jack gave a big thank you for all the help given to him by officers and members during his tenure.  He further stated the club will not run without help from officers and members in total. 

         George Meidhof made comment about the fact that at present at Everglades pond only one boat is allowed to run at a time.  We need to try and run two or three at a time to get the members there accustomed to that procedure.  Everglades can be run Mondays and Wednesdays from 10-12 A.M. with 9:30 A.M. Starts somewhat the norm.

         Lynn stated that there were a lot of beginners there who do not want to crash their boats.  It will take some time to get them to run together. 

Tech Session:  None.

Adjournment of Meeting:  10:15 A.M.

Mike Pepe, Fill-In Secretary

December 2021 Meeting





Members Present:   26


New Members:  (2) Bill McCool  and Ed Rivera


Minutes of the November Meeting:  Motion to skip the reading of the November Meeting.  Motion carried.


Treasurers Report.   


  1. General Fund: $983.25          Racing Fund:   $263.35          Total:   $1246.60





  1. Race Lake:  Club to have people at the race lake on Tuesday December 14th to help in the removal of weeds at the pier location

And also buoy replacement and placement.


Webmaster:  Jim Sharpe is giving up the webmaster position effect immediately.  Looking for a replacement. 


Old Business:


  1. Looking for replacement for President and Vice President.    Election is at the January 2022 meeting


New Business:


    A)A cancelled race will not be made up.   There was a motion, it was seconded.  Motion carried.


  1. Thanks to all that have donated their time at all the events and race day.


C)Need (2) people for Tuesdays and Thursdays for January 2022.     Hadley to do Tuesdays and Lynn to do Thursdays.  Thanks again

   to Mike Pepe and Ron Farkas for doing December.


  1. There will be a outdoor expo at Everglades on Feb 25th 2022 and Feb 26th 2022.  Details TBD


  1. At the January 2022 meeting trophies will be handed out for the 2nd half of 2021.


Discussions:   Ron Farkas did a excellent job on his discussion on soldering connections on batteries and esc’s.


Meeting was adjourned by President Jack Christine at 9:40 AM



Nov. 2021 meeting minutes



Pledge of Allegiance:   Completed

Members Present   21         Total members Paid for 2021:   48

New Members:  (2)     Phillip Pitts         Dennis  Lenzer

Minutes of October Meeting:   Motion to skip reading of October Meeting   Motion carried

Treasurers Report:

  1. General Fund:  $1003.25          Racing Fund:   $283.35     Total:   $1316.60

Maintenance:   Weeds  at race Lake by pier.   Will be checked on race day.


  1. Thank Lynn for the flyers she made up for Day at the Lake,and also Dave Kane for advertising . Great job done by both.
  2. Possibility  of setting up another Day at the Lake at Everglades in February or March 2022.


  1. We have had 12 sessions of races so  far of which 5 have been cancelled due to weather or lack of racers..  Make up date scheduled for November 13th.
  2. It was brought up by bob bailey of the possibility of going to everglades one day per month in place of Mira Mar (TBD)
  3. Return trophies  ASAP for January 2022 presentation to the winners.
  4. President Jack Christine is stepping down as President.
  5. Looking for Boat Launchers starting in February 2022.    Tuesdays for the month will be Ron Farkas.  Thursdays will be Mike Pepe.

Motion to close Meeting .   Motion was seconded .  Meeting adjourned at 9:40 AM




October 2021 Meeting Minutes

Meeting called to order at 9:00 AM by President Jack Christine


Pledge of Allegiance:  Completed


NEW MEMBERS:  3        1) Steve Oster      2) Bruce Kafer         3)John Bullis

MINUTES:  Motion to accept the September 2021 minutes.   Motion carried


        General fund:  $1003.25                Racing Fund;   $303.35            TOTAL:  $1306.60

MAINTENANCE:  Need to get rid of the weeds around the pier at Race Lake.  To be accomplished at future date.

OLD BUSINESS:   Gary Frasier is now the title holder for the boat at the Race Lake.


  1. Reminder about Day at the Lake at Everglades on October 21stfrom 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM.
  2. Dave Kane:  Set up the advertising for Day at the Lake on Tuesday October 19thand Thursday October 21st in the newspaper.
  3. Test and Tune will be held next Wednesday October 20that the Everglades Rec Center.
  4. Looking for candidates for President and Vice President for 2022.   Election to be held in January 2022.


  1. There will be no Christmas Party this year.  There was a motion .  It was seconded and voted on.  
  2. Starting February 1st, 2022  there will be new launch and retrival people at Mira Mar.  2 people per month on a rotating basis.

There was a motion to accept the new procedure for launch and retrival.  There was a  second.  It was voted on and past.

MEETING WAS ADJOURNED AT 9:40 AM by  President Jack Christine.





September 2021 meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 9:00 AM by President Jack Christine




NEW MEMBERS:  (1) Doug McCauley

MINUTES: Motion to pass the minutes from previous meeting:  Motion carried.



General Fund:  $1099.25            Racing Fund: $308.35    TOTAL:  $1407.60


MAINTENANCE: Clean-up at the race lake was accomplished 2 weeks ago


OLD BUSINESS:  Welcome back to all the snowbirds that have returned.




  1. Captain Jack looking for new owner of the green race day boat

         Mike Pepe said he would take over ownership for 1 year

  1. We will have a Day at the Lake on October 21stat Everglades from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM
  2. Advertisement for Day at the lake will  be handled by Dave Kane.
  3. October 20ththe membership will be going to  Everglades to run boats




DAVE BUSCHMAN:  Held a training session on maintenance of boats.


Bob Bailey will have a training session at the November 2021 meeting on building boats.


MEETING ADJOURNED AT 9:50 AM by President Jack Christine.







August 12 2021 Meeting Minutes


August 12, 2021

Call meeting to order – President Jack Christine called meeting to order at 9:00 A.M. 

Sign In Sheet – 10 members present. 

Pledge of Allegiance – Was recited by all.

Reading of last meeting’s minutes – Motion to skip reading was made and seconded.

Treasurer’s Report – Information from Mike Roemer was as follows:  General Fund – $1,089.25; Race Fund – $348.35; Total = $1,437.60.

Reports From:

Race Director – No report.

        Course Maintenance – Larry will be out for a while; no report.  President Jack stated that the weeds are getting high at the launch area and tried to get someone with a gas-powered weed whacker to volunteer.  Nobody did.


        Publicity – We need someone to volunteer to take care of this small but important job.

        Membership – No report.

        Training – President Jack stated he is trying to start up the program that we once had wherein somebody gives a talk on a subject of interest to the club/hobby.  Dave B. is scheduled to do so at the end of the next meeting. 

        Web Master – Jim S. is still up north but is keeping busy on the web site.  There is a new article which has been in there for a few weeks now on proper storage of lipo batteries. 

        Old Business – A date was picked for the club picnic which will be October 28th (Thursday).  Vice President Dave K. will make the arrangements and send out an e-mail for signup.  The popular vote seemed to be for a pizza party to be held at Everglades Recreation Center under their pavilion.  More information to follow.

        New Business – Everglades Recreation Center is closed until September with no boating allowed until then. 

        President Jack stated what we are all probably aware of in that we need new and more participation in the club.  Unfortunately, no body came up with any new ideas to make this happen. 

        At the closing, Jack announced that he is leaving boating at the end of the year and that we will need a volunteer soon to register the big green rescue boat.  The assumption here would be that it was somebody who takes part in the club racing program.

        Jack also mentioned that Mike R. will not be taking the Treasurer’s position next year.  We will need new officers in December.  The same old guys will not be re-enlisting.  We need some new blood to stand up. 

        Meeting adjourned at 9:26 A.M.

        Respectfully Submitted,

                Mike P.





July 2021 Meeting Notes

Castaways Club Meeting Notes    –   July 13, 2021

0900 – Meeting opened by President Jack Christine with the Pledge of Allegiance A motion was requested by the Pres to skip the reading of the last months minutes.  Motion was seconded and passed.

19 Members present


Committee Reports


Membership Bob B.  We have 42 paid memberships as of this time.


Treasury   Mike R.  Total funds available $1,400.67  of which $358.35 belongs to the race fund.


Webmaster   Jim S. is away at present.  Lynn S. will be taking photos of the Award presentations.  It was noted that Jim has been actively pursuing a new look of the website and its looking good.


Safety – Hadley S.  All seems to be well with no new injuries.  Sale of tape is as usual with good availability.


Course Maintenance   Larry M and Dave B. –  All is well at this time with some cleanup to be done on the next Saturday race day.


Old Business


Pres Jack stated that it would be desirable to have more members to try and use the time block that we have at the Everglades Rec site.  Hours are Mondays and Wednesdays from 10 am to 12 noon.  At the present time there is a problem with the dock so launches must be made from shore.


New Business


Per Pres. Jack   –  The club picnic is still on hold for the same reasons as put forth in last months meeting.  ( see the appropriate notes for info)


Per Pres Jack  –  Jim S  feels that the rules need to be cleaned up.  A discussion followed clarifying the new system of points counting in racing  and that even the new “sighting” buoys if cut cause the penalty of an extra lap as does cutting the midcourse buoys on the front and back stretch.  It may be said that cutting ANY buoy on the course will henceforth incur a penalty.


Ron F. Noted that nicely made up Castaways ID badges with magnetic fasteners are still available for about $6.00 each.  He has one if you would like to see how they look.  See Ron for further info.


Awards Presentation – for Spring session racing   (six month period)


“P” limited mono   –  Mike P.


“P” limited cat  –  Dave B.


“P”  –  Ron F.


“Q”  –  Mike P.


UL-19  –  Dave B.


Hydro spec.  –  Dave B.


Outrigger  –  Mike P.


Mr. Excitement  –  Joe H.            Good Guy Award   –  Mike R.


At the completion of the club awards Bob B. made a special presentation to Pres Jack C. for his continued hard work as not only being the Prez but always being available as the guy who  places boats into the water, takes them out and rescues them if they are out on the water and needing HELP!  The Jr. Good Guy Award!! This is well deserved Jack.


Then Bob presented “The Desiccated Chicken Leg” award to Mike P. This was by way of his lifting the HEX he placed on Mikes “EYEBALLS” Delta Force 45 unlimited racer which truth be told has cost Mike a lot of money in burned parts.  Or was that just a reinforcement of same?   Thanks Bob I think!  (See photo on website.)


The meeting was adjourned by vote at 0930 hours.




Meeting min. June 8th 2021

Castaway Meeting Notes – June 8th, 2021

Meeting called to order by Pres. Jack Christine at 0900 hours.

SIGN IN SHEET – Signed by all.


READING OF LAST MONTH’S MINUTES – Motion passed to skip same.

MEMBERSHIP  – Bob B. stated we had no new members.  Our total membership is 42.

TREASURER’S REPORT – Mike R. – We had no expenses.  General Fund has $1,089.  The race fund is $368.35.

WEBMASTER – Jim S., our new webmaster, stated he is open to any realistic changes anyone might suggest to him.  The site is on Facebook with photos which will also be on the site itself.

SAFETY – Hadley S. says everybody has been staying safe and he has tape for sale for anyone who wants it.

COURSE MAINTENANCE – Larry M. stated that all is well with the dock area having been recently cleaned up and new sighting buoys having been installed.  A cut on these buoys does not count if you miss one.  Our storage locker, having been broken into, needs work to be done to make it secure once more.


Vice President Dave states that our fall picnic is on hold as the date is too far out to get info on the cost of catering when he checked with La Hacienda Catering.  He will work on this in the future.

President Jack stated that he was missing one trophy.  This was for the UL-19 class.  At this time Joe H. raised his hand saying he had it in his car.

A question was raised about where to get club hats and shirts that some of the members were wearing.  They are available at “Custom Apparel” located close to the Publix on Route #466.

Thank you to Jim and Karen S. for the photo and video work which they did today and will soon appear on our website.

Meeting Adjourned at 0922 Hours.

Mike Pepe, Assistant Secretary




Castaways Meeting Notes – May 20th 2021

Castaways Meeting Notes – May 20th 2021

Meeting called to order By Pres. Jack Christine at 0900 hours
SIGN IN SHEET – Signed by all.
PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE – Done with no knees taken!
READING OF LAST MONTHS MINUTES – Motion passed to skip same. TREASURERS REPORT – Mike Roemer sent in a report as follows General fund $1225. Race fund $308. Total funds $1508.60

REPORT FROM – Race Director – We have two races left in the first half year division.
be available for those two races and then he is gone for a much earned vacation. A fill in system will be used with persons not racing doing the job during Ricks absence. Mike P to take Ricks blue tooth speaker and Bob B will take over caring for the race board/easel.

COURSE MAINTAINENCE – The launch area has been cleared with Dave B and Larry cleaning the ever growing lily pads out prior to our last race. Bob B brought up the possibility of placing one more buoy in the front straight about 30 feet prior to the first turn one buoy. Ron F said he would like the same thing done prior to turn three in the rear straight. It was decided to try this and a work party was desired. Dave B will call Larry to try and get a date set up. It was mentioned that some of the turn buoys were out of place also.

SAFETY COMMITTEE – Hadley reported that all was well as nobody had been taken to the hospital lately. Bob B will be putting together some items to make up a kit for the race lake.

WEB MASTER – Jim Sharpe has agreed to take over this job from George who has handled it for years. Thank you for your help George. You took care of the job when no one else could or would. And Thank you Jim for agreeing to take this on.

OLD BUSINESS – Pres Jack stated that the day at the lake held in April was a success. We may have added one new member out of it. We did have good spectator participation though.

NEW BUSINESS – Everyone was glad to see Jerry Hone back to health after having a three way bypass. Way to go Jerry. Lars was also back from his head trauma and hopefully we will see him work his way back to racing if he can get up early enough.

Pres. Jack brought up about a picnic day. It was voted on and passed that the picnic would be held at Lake Mira mar on one of our regular days in September. VP- Dave K to check prices for catering and see if there is any problem with the villages for holding it there. Jack would also like to see some interest by some of our guys for going down to the lake at Fenney Rec center again. Jim S reports the buoys have been moved and the course is now great for power boats as well as sail.

Our director will

NEW BUSINESS – Bob B mentioned that new members and others would like an updated club roster copy. He also said that this was the last chance for anybody who did NOT want their information to be public to say so. He so far has one member who does not want his/her info “out there”.

Paul Pazitney volunteered to make paper copies for all members. Thank you Paul.

Jack asked if the members wished to change from trophies and certificates to only certificates as the trophies were getting old. A vote showed the great majority wished no change. Jack requested that members with trophies should get them back to him so that they may be given out again after the race period ends July first. Make sure he has them by June tenth please. It should be mentioned that Jack also makes up those certificates for us. Thanks for what you do Jack.

By Secretary Mike P





April 2021 minutes



  1. Members Present:   23
  2. Pledge of Allegiance:  Completed
  3. Minutes of Last Meeting:  Approved
  4. Treasurers Report:


GENERAL FUND:   $1150.25            RACING FUND:  $313.35          TOTAL:  $1463.70


  1. Safety:  Hadley is the new Hockey Tape person,  replacing Dave Lawrence
  2. Membership/Webmaster

1)Search is still on to replace George Meidhof.   George has agreed to stay on in this position and will be paid

$300 per year for his expenses incurred in this position.  There was a motion to keep George on as webmaster.

The motion was voted on and passed with a majority vote.


  1. Old Business:

Day at the lake is April 29th.  Dave Kane is co-ordinating with the villages regarding this event.   The event will take place

At Mira Mar between the hours of 10AM to 12PM.Dave Kane will be looking for a singer ffor this event.

  1. New Business:

The rule regarding substitute drivers on race day has been suspended pending further review.


MEETING WAS ADJOURNED AT 9:45AM by President Jack Christine





March 2021 minutes




  1. Members Present:  19
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Minutes of Last Meeting : Approved
  4. Treasurers Report:

GENERAL FUND;  $920.25          RACING FUND   $283.35              TOTAL:  $1203.30


  1. Race Director:   Make-up Race will be March 13thdue to March 6th race was cancelled.


  1. Membership/Webmaster:  2 New Members  Total paid : 38

Still looking for new Webmaster.


  1. New Business:


!)  Dave Kane:  Day at the Lake to be held on April 29th 2021  Starting time  is 10:00 AM ending at 12:00 PM.


2) Checking out all the club recoil boats to see whats good. Sold approximately $150.00 to club members


3) We do have times at Everglades to run boats from 10:00 AM to 12:00 Monday and Wednesday.


4) A boat owner can have another individual race his boat.  Owner would get the points, Driver would get the ribbon.

Theere was a motion to approve this change.  It was voted on .  The motion carried.






Feb 2021 minutes


  1. Members Present:  18
  2. Pledge of Allegiance
  3. Miutes of Last Meeting:  Approved
  4. Treasurers Report: GENERAL FUND:  $900.25        RACING FUND:  $291.85        TOTAL:   $1192.10


  1. Old Business:          George Meidhof  Brought up race rule changes.   After discussion it was determined to form a

Committee consisting of George Meidhof, Mike Pepe, Mike Roemer, and Rick Smith


  1. New Business:


Batteries for Recoil Boats and recoil boats kept at Bobs house.  We will go thru them at Mira Mar

And determine whats good ( batteries and boats)


Also there was discussion whether to do Camp Villages.  After discussion it was determined to keep Camp Villages

As a way to promote the club.  There was a motion   and the motion carried.


There was also discussion regarding Day at the Lake.   The date is to be determined.


MEETING ADJOURNED AT 9:40 AM by President Jack Christine



January 2021 meeting notes


A)Members Present  18

B)Pledge of Allegiance

C)Minutes of Last Meeting:  No meeting in December 2020

D)Treasurers Report:

GENERAL FUND: $810.25          RACING FUND  $241.35      TOTAL:  $1051.60

  1. Race Director:
    1. Reinforce that the owner of a race boat gets the points.
    2. If the owner has two boats in the race he only gets points for the boat he is running.


  1. Maintenance:  NO Report
  2. Safety:  No Report
  3. Membership/Webmaster
    1. George Meidhof moved the website to another server
    2. Looking for a new webmaster to replace George Meidhof
  4. Old Business:
    1. Keeping track of club members that are sick
    2. Old PA System to be donated to Fruitland Park
  5. New Business

1)Keep your masks on at either Mira Mar or Fruitland Park if you can

2)  If its 45 degrees in the morning an email will be sent to cancel activities

3) Bob to call Fruitland Park to change race day to January 23rd.

4) Green boat to be used on Race Day or a scheduled club event


  1. P limited Mono:  Mike Pepe
  2. P limited Cat:  Bob Bailey
  3. P Class:  Mike Pepe
  4. Q Class:  Mike Pepe
  5. Hydro:   Larry Minton
  6. UL-19 Class: Joe Hathaway
  7. Outrigger: Larry Minton
  8. Unlimited Class: Mike Pepe
  9. Excitement : Larry Minton
  10. Good Guy Award:  Rick Smith

Meeting adjourned At 9:55 AM by President Jack Christine



November Meeting Minutes



Members Present:  16

New Members : 2

Pledge of Allegiance:  Completed



  1. Change to item B Race Rules in the October Meeting to read:   There will be no relief by the race director for a buoy infraction on lap 1

First turn.  There will still be a 1 lap penalty if you cut the first/second buoy on the first lap.


Treasurers Report:

  1. GENERAL FUND: $650.25      RACING FUND:  $191.35     TOTAL:  $841.60


Membership/Webmaster:   2 New Members


Old Business:

  1. Sound system for race day.  Mike Pepe will go to Best Buy and check with them regarding a new system for race day.


New Business:

  1. Board Members for 2021.   Jack Christine President,  Dave Kane  Vice President,  Mike Roemer  Treasurer,  Mike Pepe/ Steve Schreiber


  1. Discussion on Insurance Regulations by Mike Pepe, Ron Farkas, and George Meidhof.
  2. There was a motion by Jack  Christine to abandon the idea of a LLC.  The motion was seconded and voted on by all members present.



  1. The retrival boat at the race lake will have adequate life jackets and 2 NAMBA members in the boat


Motion to adjourn the Meeting by Jack Christine.  Motion seconded.  Meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM



  1. As you probably know Bob Bailey and his wife Terry have had a really rough couple of months.   It has become necessary for Bob to step down

From his position as President of our club.  He will be out recovering for a while but he will be back racing boats as soon as possible.  Bob we

Want to thank you for your leadership and service to our club and wish you a speedy recovery.

  1. Also after 5 years of service as Webmaster and new member coordinator George Meidhof is stepping down.  He is not leaving the club.

George thank you for your service to the club, it was very much appreciated.

  1. So fellow members, we need someonewith computer skills to step up to the plate and take over as THE WEBMASTER.  So if you can help out

It would be appreciated.





October 2020 meeting notes


  1. Meeting was called to order by President Bob Bailey at 9:00 AM

  2. Members Present :  24

  3. New Members Present:  0

Treasurers Report:    GENERAL FUND;  $590.25   RACING FUND;$191.35   TOTAL;  $781.60

Race Director:   None

Membership/Webmaster  Website up to date


  1. Namba rules on race day regarding buoy infractions will allow the race director to waive the penalty.

  2. There will be no penalty on turn one for buoy infraction.

  3. All racers new to Castaways must demonstrate their skills by  racing  in a beginners class for at least 2 racing events

  4. The race director or any club officer will ensure that each boat presented for a race to conform to club regulations.

  5. UL 19 class requires the boat to be factory stock .except for propeller changes.

New Bussiness:

  1. Nominations for 2021 board  to remain the same  Final voting at the November meeting

  2. Christmas Party discussed.  Location TBD.  Committee to include Dave Kane , Mike Pepe and Joe Hathaway.

  3. Discussion on New PA System for Races. Ken Ryker to look into New system cost.

Closed business at 9:55 Am by Bob Bailey.



September 2020 meeting notes

Castaways Club Meeting Sept. 10th 2020


SIGN IN SHEET –  Omitted due to covid 19

PLEDGE OF ALLEGIANCE   –  Completed –  ( nobody took a knee. )

READING OF LAST MEETING’S MINUTES  –  Motion to not read minutes  – Passed.

TREASURER’S REPORT  –  Grand total – $756.60.    Race fund – $166.35.  General Fund – $590.25.


RACE DIRECTOR   –  Rick brought up the possibility of a  ruling regarding cutting buoys to avoid collision during a race. This is to be discussed under new business.

NEW BUSINESS  –  We had a discussion in relation to exceptions to running boats that are not actually in the class being run at that particular time.  George is to write up a proposal for this rule.  Another possible rule which the Pres. will write up a proposal for is in the case where a boat cuts a buoy in an obvious attempt to avoid an impending collision during a race.  This would be used to excuse the driver from the penalty lap and would be called by the race director or corner marshals.

Another discussion was in relation to a rule change in the UL19 class regarding allowing the use of any prop.
Mike P. to write up a proposal for this change.

Mike R. brought up the fact that there is storage in the Fenney Recreation area which is available to several
clubs operating down there.  We would be looking for a place to store the club’s rescue boat.  Bob B. to check
this out.

President Bob brought up the fact that his garage is packed at the present time with much of the club’s
equipment.  In relation to that – on Thursday, September 17th, several volunteers will go to Bob’s house
to attempt to cut down the amount of paraphernalia associated with recoil boats.

George M.  brought up that he is looking for volunteers to work on what would be a community service project.
This involves removing some windows from a private home that is being transformed into a church.   This is on
Tuesday, September 15th.  Several people volunteered.  If you are interested in helping call George.





August 2020 minutes

August 13, 2020


Call Meeting to order;    Called at 0900 hours

Sign in sheet:   Not used due to Covid

Pledge of Allegiance:  Recited

Reading of last meetings minutes:  Motion to skip this – passed

Treasurers Report:  Mike R.      General Fund  $590.25     Race fund $146.35     Total – $736.60


Reports –

Race and events Director  None

Publicity   None

Safety       Hadley requested that all operators stand in the designated area while driving their boats – also return incoming boats

to the correct area for pickup.

Membership    None

Training              None

Webmaster      George was not present due to illness.  A note he sent to Secretary  stated 49 paid up members with 58 members on the email list.

The difference is that some of the old members have not deleted themselves and George does not delete them hoping they may return.

Jim Baker is still on the list as he is paid up for this year.

He further wrote that the website is up to date including the last minute addition of last month’s minutes.  ( this due to yours truly being

a bit slow to send them in.)


Old Business    When running your boats at Lake Mira Mar PLEASE be on the LOOKOUT for the DUCKS  that may be in the course area.  They are very hard to see depending on the light at the time and they are sure that they have the right of way. We have a lot of them because when we are not using the lake many people are feeding them in violation of the posted signs.  So use caution please.


New Business   Per the Pres:   Some photos of our boats will be coming soon – they will be shown to all interested.  Remember this is YOUR club.

Kudos to Jack for taking over from Stanley with the rescue boat. Thank you Stanley for your years of service and thank you Jack

Jack for taking on this important job.  We just can’t get the new guy to go out in the BFGRB at the race lake!


Races – Pit persons must be used if the number of people are available and willing (and able) to do so.  Also if you are going to race Namba rules require you to display your NAMBA NUMBER in a manner that it may be seen by all.  This is on your person and on any race boats. (embroidered on the rear of your hat works well)


Adjournment of meeting – 0925 hours



July 2020 Meeting Minutes

Call to order – 0855 hrs

Sign in sheet – Not filled out due to Covid19 danger

Pledge of Allegiance – recited

New Members – Dave Craig introduced himself

Reading of last month’s minutes – Skipped

Treasurers Report    Mike R.  Total funds $701.60     Race Fund  $121.35


No reports from the following committees –

Race and events director


Membership & webmaster

Publicity – Dave stated that a reporter was possibly going to attend our meeting.

Training – Paul P.   Spoke re what ESC to use on a given boat.

The formula is Volts  x  Amps = watts (watts is power)


Old Business –  Motion made and seconded to accept new race rules as written – Passed

Pres Bob B stated that in conversation with the powers that be at Fruitland park we are again reminded to keep six feet of separation per CDC guidelines.


New Business – George M indicated that the race date changes made in May were done with no notification to the club as a whole.  He further felt that changes

such as this should only be made at a full meeting as opposed to just guys at Lake Mira Mar agreeing to it.  Pres Bob explained the process that was used to make

the change.


Bob suggested that we all try to think of ways to make money to donate to veterans causes.

Keith’s boat rescue – Pics and article were in the paper the first week of July.


Bob indicated that this club belongs to all – and that everybody needs to pitch in.  This is particularly evident  at the set up and completion of the race program.

If you have taken part of the race program then stay and help pick up.  Do what your health allows you to.  We have guys like Keith and Rick and on occasion

others who help clear things away and who do NOT race boats.  Nuff said!!


Adjournment of meeting – 0925 hrs.


June 2020Meeting Notes

CALL MEETING TO ORDER –    The meeting was called to order by President Bob Bailey promptly at nine AM.


The Pledge of Allegiance was recited.


NEW MEMBER   –    New member Dave Sanford was introduced to the members present.  He did not seem to be fazed when told new guys needed to pay for coffee and doughnuts for all at the next meeting.  Not sure he believed us.


READING OF LAST MONTH’S MINUTES –  Passed over by vote.


TREASURERS REPORT    – Mike R –  $671.60 Total  with the race fund being $81.35 of that total.




COURSE MAINTENANCE – Larry – We need a workday at Fruitland Park Pond.  The date set for this was June 16th at 8:00 A.M.


PUBLICITY – Dave V. – No report.


SAFETY COMMITTEE – Hadley – Stated we should be sure to use the correct locations for launching and recovery of boats and above all, be safe.


MEMBERSHIP – George M. – No report.


TRAINING – Not Available.  We need somebody to step up and put some classes together for the good of the company.


WEBMASTER – George M. – The server on our club website crashed due to a corrupted drive.   At this time, it is all repaired and back up.


OLD BUSINESS – Per President Bob – Racing is to start on June 20th if all is well.  An e-mail will be sent out on Monday, June 15th, in relation to this.


NEW BUSINESS – After discussion, it was decided that twelve (12) months of minutes will be kept on the website.  All older monthly meeting minutes will be removed.   By-laws will be kept in perpetuity.  New racing rules are to be emailed to all for approval.

Boating at Everglades has been found to be difficult due to buoy interference making for dangerous running.  We will no longer run there as a club. Individuals are welcome to run there at any time that the pond is not in use by others.


ADJOURNMENT OF MEETING – Meeting was adjourned at 9:28 A.M.


Respectfully submitted  Mike P  6-11-20



May 2020 Meeting Notes

This meeting was held at our Lake Mir Mar test and tune site due to the ongoing pandemic.

The meeting was conducted by Vice Pres. Jack Cristine and opened at 0900 hours.

Motion was made and passed to skip the reading of last month’s minutes.


Treasurers Report – Mike Roemer

Total funds $641.60   with $560.25 in the General fund and $81.35 in the race fund.

A few of the outgoing expenses from the race fund have been $200.00 for the PA system – $40.00 for the pond rental which is unused and to our credit.

and $170.00 for tape.

Mike also mentioned that he had been made aware of the fact that Jim Bakers boats will eventually be for sale.

The following are listed in the order that they were brought up and discussed –

Fruitland Park it is open but no groups of more than ten people allowed – this is posted.

Racing with social distancing difficulties was discussed .

Dave V. spoke to Michelle – we can use a storage area at the concession stand at our own risk or we could get another plastic locker

like the one we have been using.  This is in relation to eventually storing the PA system. It was later learned that Dave stored this in an

air conditioned dry space at his home before selling it to the club.  This problem of dry storage was not finalized at this time.


Test and Tune – Everglades is still available on Wednesdays if desired for use.


At Lake Mira Mar we will officially be going back to our 8:30 to 10:00 AM schedule as this is what is listed in the Recreation News.

In actuality the hours sort of seem to run from 8AM to almost 10AM.


Discussion re Race Rules and lack of drivers willing to race.  Interested persons to discuss before the first race of the season. Date is

unknown at this time due to pandemic rules.


The meeting was adjourned at 0930 hrs. with a big sigh of relief by the VP.



March 2020 meeting notes

Call meeting to order – Pres Bailey called meeting to order at 9:00  AM

Pledge of Allegiance:  The Pledge was not recited due to the meeting being held outdoors at Dunkin D. (no flag avail)

New Members:   None present.

Reading of last months minutes:  Passed

Minutes:  The President stated that this would be a brief meeting.  The first item he mentioned was the fact that the club’s racing rules need to be edited.  It was

agreed that a group consisting of George M and Ron F. and Mike P. would each edit a copy of the rules and then get together and see what needs to be done.

The final draft would be presented to the Pres. and then eventually to the racing members for discussion and a vote of acceptance.


Other things in relation to racing mentioned was a hard cutoff for race signups and observer help for the race director during races.  Bob also mentioned

that at Mira Mar we have to be more vigilant watching out for high-speed boat vs duck contact.  Before running check the course and do some slow herding if

needed to clear it.  Nobody wants to injure or kill a duck and care needs to be taken at all times particularly early in the AM.

Treasurers Report:   General Fund – $730.25   Racing Fund – $321.35     Total:  $1051.60

Treas. Mike R. stated that we had several expenses for the rebuilding of the race lake rolling pier materials and ribbons for race winners.

Race Director:  Maintenance:  Safety:  Training: and Publicity:  All N/A

Membership/Webmaster:   George spoke on a subject important to all – Battery Safety.  Remain vigilant at all times.  As you all know we have had several

instances of house fires and of course little bonfires on the water. Charge and as importantly discharge your batteries to the proper voltage (3.80 volts per cell)

when you get home.  They will last for many more charge/discharge cycles if you do this. (and store more safely).  He also noted that there are a number of tutorials on battery safety on the website. He encourages all the new people to view them.


Adjournment of Meeting:  @ 9:25 AM



Feb 2020 meeting notes


  1. A) Meeting was called to order by President Bob Bailey at 9:00 AM.

B). Members Present: 24

  1. C) New Members 3. None Prese
  2. D) Treasurers Report: GENERAL FUND: $720.35. RACING FUND:$357.00 TOTAL: $1077.35

E). Race Director: Rick Smith: Make sure everybody has NAMBA cards for race day

  1. F) Maintenance: Larry Minton No Report
  2. G) Membereship: 3 new members from Everglades
  3. H) Old Business:

1). Helping out on race day either early or late. Makes it easier for all concerned.

2) Club recoil boats. Date to set up to check all 17″ Recoil boats for Camp Villages and Day at the lake.

  1. I) New Business:

1) We gad a work day at Bill’s. house to rebuild the dock section for race day. Thanks to the people that showed up.

2). Outdoor expo to be held Feb 22 and Feb 23 at the Hacienda Recreation Center.

3) Castaways Boat Worx will be doing 2 Camp Villages this summer

The Meeting was adjourned at 9:45 AM by President Bob Bailey.



Minutes of the January 9 2020

The meeting was called to order by Bob Bailey at 9:00 AM

There were no new members or visitors.  The Pledge of Allegiance was accomplished

Treasurers Report by Mike Roemer:

  1.       A) Total:  $809.35.   GENERAL FUND:$680.25.  RACING  FUND:$129.10

Trophies were passed out to the following individuals:

  1.        A) P Limited Mono:  Mike Pepe
  2.        B) P Limited Cat:    Dave Buschman

         C)Q Class:               Dave Buschman

  1.        D) Hydro Class.       Larry Minton
  2.        E) Open Class          Dave Buschman
  3.        F) P Class:                Mike Pepe

Membership: 32 Paid for 2020.    Members present at meeting 26

TRAINING: Dave Buschman brought up for new members a Qualifier Class for new members interested in racing. More discussion to follow:

Sympathy card for Jim Bakers’ wife was discussed and passed by members.


  1.     A) Everglades Adult RC Camp to be held on January 15th from 9:00 AM to Noon. Both Castaways Boat Worx and Southside Sailing Squadron to be present.
  2.     B) Need diagram of Everglades water race track.
  3.     C) Outdoor Expo to be held at Hacienda on Feb 22 and 23
  4.     D) Ken Ryker brought up the Tavaras Antique. Boat Show to be held in March.

Meeting adjourned at 10:00 AM by Bob Bailey