RC Basics

*Transmitters & Receivers
Transmitters & receivers are something our members
probably don’t spend enough time reading about. We have had several runaway
boats over the years, fortunately, there have been no injuries. Let’s all be
more aware and pass our info along to the new people.Everyone should know:
-here’s why –      each transmitter puts
out a distinct signal in the 2.4 GHz band, the binding process is getting
the transmitter to talk only to a specific receiver. After binding when you
turn on the transmitter it will talk only to the receiver that you bound it
to. If it’s not bound it is not going to recognize failsafe.If you turn off
the transmitter before the receiver, the receiver is on & open to any
incoming signal because it is powered by the ESC resulting in a runaway
boat from a stray signal or revving of the motor at the bench for no good
reason.In addition, when you get a boat that dies out it may be due to the
transmitter not having sufficient voltage, then you have the possibility of
having a stray signal taking over your boat. It could be due to a garage
door opener, or a transmitter in a car or truck or an airplane above us.
There may be another reason for some boats losing signal from the
transmitter. The batteries in the transmitter are not strong enough to
transmit a good signal. Due to the brownout it causes, the ESC falters and
so we can’t determine if the receiver or the ESC is to blame.*

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