Castaways Boatworx

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

As Amended March 30, 2023  


SOPs are used as inter-club communications by the Executive Board to keep members informed of the specific duties and rules of the Club.  SOPs will not override the Club Constitution or By-Laws.  These SOPs may be changed at any time by the Executive Board.



The areas covered by these SOPs are broken out as follows:

1.     Safety

2.    Test and Tune Guidelines

3.    General Racing Guidelines

4.    Club Communications

5.    Membership Dues

6.    Meetings


1.     SAFETY


1.1 As prescribed by our club by-laws, the Site Safety Director will enforce NAMBA safety rules and ensure compliance with all local safety rules.  


1.2 Crowd control will be used by keeping nonmembers a safe distance from the water’s edge as determined by the Site Safety Director.


1.2.1 Guests will not be allowed on the waterside half of the Everglades dock. “Do Not Enter” signs will be posted at the 90 degree turn in the dock leading down to the launch area.  All Club members are expected to politely enforce this strict policy. The only exception to this rule will be for a member-escorted guest driving a club boat. 


1.3 Drivers will operate their boats from a designated driver’s area a safe distance from the water’s edge.


1.4 Members will never swim out into the lake to retrieve a boat or for any other reason.


1.5 When aboard the rescue boat, never wear boots and always wear a PFD.  Two people will be onboard the rescue boat before leaving the shore.  In addition, at least one observer must be on shore watching the rescue operation.


1.6 There will be no drugs or alcohol allowed at any meeting or event.




2.1 Test and tune events are defined as those days the club gathers at a lake to run their boats in an open environment.  These events are regularly held to “test and tune” modifications or adjustments, or just purely for the enjoyment of operating your boat.  


2.2 Currently, test and tune sessions are held at Lake Mira Mar on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:00 to 10:00AM. Sessions are held at Everglades Lake on Mondays and Wednesdays from 10:00AM to noon.


2.3 Members will drive their boats in a clockwise fashion around the outside of the course buoys. This is necessary to avoid head-on collisions with other drivers on the course.


2.4 A maximum of four drivers are allowed on the course at any one time consistent with the following guidelines:


a. Efforts should be made to only run boats together that are capable of similar speeds.

b. Special consideration should be given to newer drivers.  They are permitted to run their boat alone on the lake for a reasonable period of time.  It’s important that our new members be allowed to learn how to safely operate their boat, at their own pace, without fear of causing or becoming involved in an accident with other boats that could have otherwise been avoided with more experience.  New members are encouraged to practice often so they can join other members on the course as soon as practical.

c. A member may request to run their boat without others on the lake in order to perform functional checks on a newly purchased, built, modified, or repaired boat.  

2.5 When a boat is disabled on the lake, all boats will cease operation immediately.  No boating is permitted while a rescue operation is in progress.  No exceptions.


2.5.1 Members shall not operate their boats in such a manner that will likely increase the need for rescue and consequently, cause a full shut down of operations.


2.6 Test and tune sessions may be canceled or delayed due to inclement weather.  Members will be notified as soon as possible of any change to the schedule. 




3.1 Racing is held at Fruitland Park Veterans Park on the 1st and 3rd Saturdays of the month.  The first race will begin at approximately 9:00AM.  The races may begin earlier if all drivers are present and the Race Director agrees. 


3.2 The city of Fruitland Park requires liability insurance so all racers must be a current member of NAMBA.  Membership cards will be checked periodically.


3.3 All racers must be current members of Castaways Boatworx.


3.4 The Race Director has full authority to ensure our racing is fair, organized and fun!  All judgement calls made by the Race Director are to be respected.  


3.5 Racers are expected to demonstrate good sportsmanship. Any disagreements occurring during or after a race should be resolved in a calm and respectful fashion.  


3.6 Racers need to demonstrate acceptable driving experience before entering races with other members.  Acceptance will be determined by the Race Director.


3.7 Fees for racing will normally be $5.00 per racer, per event, or as directed by the Race Director and Treasurer.


3.8 Our racing rules are generally consistent with those of NAMBA so racers are expected to be familiar with NAMBA racing rules.  However, our club has chosen to tailor some rules to reflect our club preferences.   These local deviations/modifications to NAMBA rules are outlined under a separate tab entitled “Local Racing Rules.”




4.1 Email and the club’s website ( are our primary means of communication.  Any member who does not use email or the website will be responsible to have a buddy keep them informed of club communications.  


4.2 Any member who desires NOT to receive information through club emails must notify the Club President and their name will be removed from our distribution list.




5.1 Annual membership dues for each calendar year are $15 per member.  Dues will be collected in November and December for the following year.   Nonpaying members will be dropped from the rolls January 31st.




6.1 Club meetings are held each month on the second Thursday of the month.  Meetings are generally held outdoors at Lake Mira Mar and begin at 9:00AM.  Meetings may be canceled or delayed due to inclement weather.  Members will be notified as soon as possible of any change to the schedule. 


6.2 All members are encouraged to attend club meetings.  These events offer a lot of information and give you an opportunity to have input on the way your club operates.  In addition, club meetings are a great way to socialize with members you may not regularly see at the test and tune sessions you normally attend.