ZippKits Paint and Clear Coat Info

2 coats of epoxy first, then primer and paint.


First coat or epoxy can be wiped off as soon as you brush it on. Allow to cure. Lightly sand or scrape and apply a second coat. When cured, sand or scrape and prime.

I stopped using Rustoleum primer and paint. Nothing but trouble with wrinkles and bubbles.  It has compatibility issues with paint. And strict recoat and cure times. Use that for something else. I like to use white DupliColor sandable primer.

Buy the cheapest spray paint you can find (not a name brand). I like Rural King or Tractor Supply brand.

Paint just enough to get the color. Use the least amount of color you can. Wet color sand carefully with 1200 grit.

Use 2K clear. It is fuel and tape proof:



If you are building more than one boat, buy a gallon of clear and use a spray gun. I use this stuff. No thinning required to spray it. Buy a cheap spray gun at Harbor Freight.


These recommendations were written by Joe Petro at ZippKits and pertain to building an outrigger.

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